Monday, May 6, 2013

Appreciate the Day

Well it was another crazy but rewarding day!  After chasing a first grader a half mile in a field during recess, I got the itch to put in a good run today after school since the weather was absolutely gorgeous!  I do not have windows in my classroom so when I went outside at lunch, I realized what I was missing out on....sunshine!  My husband Tom was excited for a run too so we got dressed and as I was tying up my shoes on the staircase, I noticed the UPS truck pull up.  My new shoes!!!  It just had to be!  I seriously dashed down the steps flew out the door and met him in the driveway.  He started laughing and asked if I was waiting for the package.  Funny thing was, they weren't supposed to arrive from Amazon until tomorrow but I got LUCKY!  I thanked the nice man and ran back inside to try them on.  I knew they would fit well since I just ordered an updated version of my favorite Asics running shoes.  I got a great deal on Amazon with free and fast shipping.  So out the door we went for our favorite three mile loop.  My dear husband even decided to throw in some sprint intervals.  What a gem;)

The other fantastic delivery from the UPS man came last week....6 bags of Love Grown Granola.  Love Grown is a husband/wife team from Colorado who make gluten free delicious granola.  Since my favorite meal these days is a yogurt bowl (plain nonfat greek yogurt, honey, berries, and granola), I decided to make a big order.  I first heard about this granola on the blog Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, and actually found a bag at the Home Goods store near my home. They sell it for $4 a bag so I would buy some whenever I found it since they are regularly $5/bag.  When my friend Sarah came to visit from Denver a couple months ago, I asked her to bring me a couple bags since they are sold at the grocery stores in Colorado.  When I ran out again, I found a great deal on Amazon and decided to stock up.  Tom loves making the yogurt bowls now too and has officially switched over to liking the Greek Yogurt.  We have also found that buying the yogurt in bulk (big tubs) instead of individual sizes was more economic (thanks for the tip Maggie K!). I love every flavor!
I took this picture last week so I can document my progress with keeping up the P90X, yoga, and running.  I feel comfortable sharing this photo on my blog because this is my journal and a way for me to hold myself accountable and look back on my journey.  Hopefully I make time to update this more regularly because it is a goal of mine to get better at it and also buy a great camera that allows me to take better pictures, especially of food!
Today has been a great day.  I felt in control of my eating, didn't eat any gluten and therefore did not have a stomach ache.  Most importantly, I had a clear head and positive attitude all day.  Those things are all so important when working with kids all day and keeping my anxiety at bay.  The past month has been so hard because my grandpa is very sick and currently at home in Hospice Care.  He is on my mind constantly and everyone has been praying for him and hoping for peace and comfort.  The last picture I will share is one I took on Saturday when we were down in Waseca visiting him.  My godson Cavanaugh had his First Communion that day and my grandpa was so bummed that he would miss it.  My sweet sister-in-law got him dressed in his suit (his dad's suit when he had his First Communion) and drove him over so that my grandpa could see him that day all dressed up.  It brought tears to everyone's eyes to see grandpa so happy.  Cav also looked so proud and excited to see grandpa.  I feel truly blessed to have gotten to spend the day with my amazing family.